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Requesting requirements from SME to increase agility in manufacturing




Trinity is a EU-funded project to increase agility in European manufacturing industry. By demonstrating the value of IoT-technologies and Advanced Robotics for SMEs the project aims to bring these technologies in industrial applications. Trinity offers the opportunity to apply for funding to all European SME that would like to demonstrate the improvement of agile production in own use-cases. We need your help to address the specific needs and topics of SME in the call. Please help us to drive agility in production forward by answering the following questions about your company’s initial situation and objectives in digitalization and agility. Further information about the Trinity project can be found on our website: www.trinityrobotics.eu 



Agile manufacturing is the capability of the manufacturing organisation to adapt itself quickly to new market demands, new opportunities and new challenges. It differs from smart manufacturing, in its ease of adoption, but usually requires smart and digital technologies. It differs from digital in the way it doesn’t necessarily require all processes or technologies to be fully digitized, but digital platforms are a strong enabler to smart and agile manufacturing. Agile manufacturing is different from traditional ways of manufacturing in that it adapts faster to other materials, different logistics, and changes in the production environments.


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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825196